Behind-the-Scene Insights in the making of an Entrepreneur

Success is a journey and when it is for entrepreneurship, the journey becomes more interesting. The reason being an entrepreneur is a creator of success paths for many upcoming entrepreneurs. The best part of this journey is that everyone goes through it a little bit differently.

A young and dynamic entrepreneur, Nadeem Khan, Owner of Emporis Organisation in Jaipur began from scratch and within the span of 14 months, he was an independent owner associated with Appco Network. Today he shares some of the interesting aspects about his interesting journey with us.

Early Life: I belong to a family of doctors and so my Parents always wanted me to be one of them. But I wanted to do something different than just having a conventional career. I landed up studying event management and took up freelancing jobs in events during college and post that too.

And the Journey Begins: Since I was freelancing, I wanted to get permanent jobs. During this search, I got an interview call from Nirvana, which is one of the marketing companies associated with Appco Group. I appeared for the interview without any clue of what this opportunity had in stored for me. I decided to give it a shot and see for myself how does it go. I started learning the basics of business from the grass root level and within the span of a month I got promoted into leadership role. After my promotion, not only I started believing in the systems but also understanding opportunity in a much better way. In the levels ahead, I cultivated various skills required for recruitment, team management, leadership, training and development. All these skills and the 'Performance based Growth Structure' helped me to achieve the position of an owner in the span of only 14 months.

Why opted to be part of Appco Network: After my interview, I understood that this opportunity is a whole palter of things I wanted in my career that is learning, growth, money, and independence. What else does one would want to start their career with?

Early Days on the Field: Initially days on the field were challenging, full of new experiences at the same time they were fun. I had days when I came back in the evening with all big smiles, while I also had days when I returned disappointed for not getting desired results. But then it's like you look up to the next morning being productive. So I guess these ups and down on the field made the experience even more interesting.

Times When You Thought You Would Fail: There are times in our business when one does not get desired results and you tend to lose the belief and start thinking that you might not succeed. During such phases, I went and spent my time with people who had the experience of going through the same situation.

A Habit That You Imbibed After Joining This Business: One thing that I lacked before joining the business was patience. The on-field experience and overall journey imbibed a lot of patience in me as an individual which not only help me in my professional life but has also made me a better human being.

Worst Day of Your Career In Sales: Every single day of my journey has been so much of learning; hence it is really difficult for me to say if I ever had a real bad day.

Moments That You Cherish While On This Journey So Far: The best memories I have of this journey are the ones when I was on-field. Going new places, meeting new people, creating a huge network, understanding various aspects of business. I can never forget those territories where I worked in Mumbai. It is very nostalgic for me when I still drive through the streets of Bandra, Khar, South side of the town. I keep looking at all those places I went and met so many people.

Best Part Of Your Work: The best part of my work is the responsibilities that I have as an owner. At times I feel good about my ability to provide career opportunities to 100s and 1000s of people. However, at the same time it is a huge responsibility because so many of them are banking on you.

Factor That Has Helped You Being Successful: The biggest factor of my success is the module and the support system of the Appco Group which provides all the required guidance and expertise you need to fulfill all day-to-day business needs. The performance based growth structure gives an individual like me to learn and grow at the pace, I want.

Mistakes You Made On Your Path of Success: Well, it's a long list of mistakes I made during the journey so far. I joined the business at an early age of 20, so it was very easy for me to get distracted and lose focus at times. Sometimes I would be on the ball for good and just in fractions would also loose the plot. However, gradually the art of goal setting and working on them consistently helped me overcome this. I believe, at times laziness and over analysis also hinder the path of success.

How You Didn't Let Fear of Failure Not Scare You: Every individual on a day-to-day basis has fear of failure. However, this business taught me a beautiful fact that 'everything which goes up has to go down and everything which has gone down will back up' and that it's all kind of a process. You will fail sometimes more than you will succeed. Over a period of time, I understood that if I keep at it I will eventually be successful.

What Is Success to You: Success for me has a very different definition. It is that day when everyone working with me has all the skills and knowledge they need to walk towards their success path and achieve their goals, personal as well as financial.

Success Habits: I have been constantly in love with my work and have learned the art of patience. I do not give excuses to anyone including myself when it comes to work and always keep setting a new goal. I guess all this has contributed a lot in my success.

Secret of Pushing Through Bad Times: Whenever I face bad time I always question myself about how and what I was when I started and then I find myself comparatively in a much better position than before. This makes me feel that I really haven't lost a lot and it's only more experience that I have gained. Also it makes me believe that if I can do it once then I can do it over and over again.

First Year of Success: My first year in this position was not exactly how rosy I thought it would be. For some reason, I thought that just by getting the position now it will work automatically for me. However, it was not the reality. The reason being that after achieving the position of an owner, success becomes directly proportional to responsibilities. Your actions will now have a huge effect on your people and your leadership directly.

Culture in This Profession: The culture on our business is very unique and not like any other corporate. There is a lot of madness in our offices and there is a reason behind this madness which is the people working in this profession. They belong to an average age bracket of 20 to 25 and so one cannot expect them to be serious. They are super creative and very excited and ambitious to achieve a lot in their career.

Biggest Challenge for The Person at Your Position: Keeping the flame of consistency up is one of the biggest challenges one will face after tasting success.

My Style of Management: I believe in an inclusive style of management wherein I try not taking all the decisions myself but involve people in it. This gives me exposure to comparatively better ideas and on the other hand helps my team to inculcate the habit of decision making.

Feeling of Being Associated with Appco: Being associated with Appco is great because what Appco Group delivers to its contracted marketing companies and to its clients is an endless list of satisfactions in so many ways. It can be acquiring new clients, new business development strategies and skilled team to look after you. Everything gets better by each passing day as the whole Appco family just helps you get the best on the table. 

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