Appco Group is a one stop sales management & outsourcing boutique, investing sales expertise in small businesses and new start-ups enabling them to increase their customer acquisition. 

In India, Appco has been actively supporting large corporates on their sales & marketing front for more than a decade. To further enhance this, Appco has now started to provide expertise and rich experience to the growing start up market in India.

In the past 16 years, Appco Group India has successfully partnered with many big multinationals and recently with new start ups to become their ultimate sales vehicle in India’s competitive markets where brands and advertising rules the roost!

Appco Group is looking to partner with the best of start-ups in the industry and build a strong network of innovative businesses giving them a great head start through our robust sales management program. 

Our Focus:
Building a strategic sales system for helping Entrepreneurs achieve a desired market position

How we do it:
We are a committed team with a unique combination of skill sets and the operational experience of building successful teams and businesses. We stand behind the start-ups supporting them right from the early stage of the start-up's growth and provide value to them even more beyond handling their sales.

What a startup needs for sales:

- Market analysis and research 

- Sales Forecast 

- Customer demographics 

- Brand guidance

- In house Sales team

- In house marketing team

- Product Training/Development

All these have huge costs attached for doing it in house. This is where the Appco sales model comes in.

We act as your sales outsourcing partner where you can outsource all you sales related functions to us, so that your focus as a startup concentrates on enhancing product/services that you develop. We will act as you one stop sales vehicle to understand your product offering and give you an edge over your competitors.

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